2024 Babolat Pure Strike 16/19 Gen4

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We've developed the new Pure Strike 16/19 tennis racquet so you can give it your all on the court and hit the ball with total confidence. This racquet is the benchmark for aggressive hitters with large swing ranges who want to channel their natural power. The 4th generation of the Pure Strike tennis racquet benefits from the best technologies to deliver more control and feel at impact, so you can always hit the ball to your target areas. Take control of the game and dominate every volley with total confidence!



Want to hit the ball with confidence? The new Pure Strike is specially designed to give you even more control with every stroke. With its hybrid beam, tighter string pattern and softer frame, the new Pure Strike gives you unrivalled control. You can fully engage with the ball and take control of the game. 


Do you like to feel the connection between your hands and your racquet at the moment of impact? Like an extension of your arm, the new Pure Strike will give you pure feel because of strategically placed flax fibers (in the handle). These natural flax fibers filter out unwanted vibrations and create a softer sound at impact. 


Head Size - 632 cm² / 98 in²
Length - 685 mm / 27 in
Weight (unstrung) - 305 g +/- 7 g / 10.8 oz
Balance (unstrung) - 320 mm +/- 7
Swing Weight - 305
Stringing Pattern - 16/19
Stiffness (RA) - 68 +/ - 3
Section - 21-23-21
Composition - Graphite
Recommended Grip - Syntec Team
Strung / Unstrung - Unstrung