Babolat Boost S Tennis Racquet

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Players looking for power, precision and spin should love the Boost S, one of the better values in Babolat's racquet line. At 10.4 ounces this racquet is light enough for both beginners and rising juniors, but it should also work well for intermediate adults looking for explosive acceleration. With its aerodynamic beam, whippy feel and open 16x19 string pattern, the Boost S offers all the ingredients needed for generating effective spin. The 102 square inch head is forgiving, lively and surprisingly precise. With their time-tested Woofer grommet system, Babolat adds some extra comfort and power to the stringbed - a welcomed feature considering the firm (and powerful) beam. From the baseline this user-friendly racquet moves through the air with remarkable ease. The crisp and accurate response will give you the confidence to swing for power. At net the Boost S is never late the party. It moves into position quickly and provides a comfortably firm platform for blocking the ball into the open court. The speedy feel is also an asset on serves, where this stick explodes through contact to offer plenty of pop and easy targeting. Players looking for a high level of all-around playability should give this user-friendly racquet a serious look. The fact that it comes pre-strung is a nice bonus!