2021 Babolat Pure Strike Team

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Introducing the Pure Strike Team, a solid option for the player who wants the precision, spin and feel of a great performance racquet minus the burden of weight. As the lightest and fastest member of the Pure Strike family, this stick should make it easier for you to swing bigger when going for more pace and spin. Like the other members of the Pure Strike franchise, this Team version comes with FSI Power technology - a feature that optimizes string spacing for enhanced spin and power. This racquet also comes with Babolat’s Hybrid Frame Construction which combines square and elliptical frame shapes to blend a classic feel with some modern pop. From the baseline the Pure Strike Team not only feels comfortable and crisp but it moves through contact with remarkable ease. With its grippy 16x19 string pattern and easy acceleration, there should be more than enough spin potential for burgeoning topspin players to bring the ball down hard. Thanks to a near even balance, the Team puts decent mass behind the ball, making it easier for you to drive the ball through the court. At net this stick is not only designed to move fast on heated exchanges, but it feels quite stable for the weight. Finally, the combination of maneuverability and precision provide the perfect recipe for aggressive service returns. At under 11 ounces, this version of the Strike is perfect for intermediate level players who want a light performance racquet with great feel. It should even work well for the strong beginner who is looking to hit a more accurate ball.