Black Knight Sceptre Badminton Racquet

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An exceptionally rugged design—including a heavy-duty T-joint—gives this racquet excellent durability and power. The lightweight feel gives way to precision and control, allowing players to channel power effectively for crushing spikes, lofty serves, and fast-paced play. Ideal for students aged 7 to 11.


  • 26”L Frame
  • Aluminum and Steel Construction
  • Braided-Nylon Strings
  • 3.9 oz

Light and Durable

Durable steel shafts add a weighty feel to the grip, allowing players to put power behind every slicing swing. An aluminum head saves weight to balance the racquet and accommodate swift actions. Designed for institutional use, these racquets will keep on swinging class after class.

Powerful and Precise

The isometric design of the head creates a larger “sweet spot” for blasting shuttlecocks over the net. Braided-nylon strings add more lively play to volleys and serves, keeping games fast-paced and exciting. A heavy-duty T-joint joins the head and shaft, swiftly channeling power from the player through the heavier shaft, lightweight face, and ultimately, the shuttlecock. This results in improved accuracy when delivering a mighty hit.