Warrior Burn XP-O

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The Warrior Burn XP-O Lacrosse head is for the elite offensive lacrosse player that likes extra power while shooting from the outside. Using Pro insight the Burn is now redesigned with a tighter face shape which improves ball-handling and shot accuracy. The new Warrior Sym-Flex technology adds specific flex zones to the head in the scoop and bottom rail to help increase shot power. 

This lacrosse head will be a lethal weapon for those step-down shooters from the outside. Fans of the the older generations of the burn line will love the new improvements and is a great head. 

  • Pro player approved re-design generates Extreme Power for the outside shooting attackman or midfielder.
  • New tighter face and high pinch promotes shot power and accuracy.
  • Sym-Flex designed into the scoop and bottom rail prompt scoop fold and back-rail pinch that will allow for superior shot power and accuracy.
  • Bottom rail designed for universal pocket placement. High, mid, low...experience Extreme Power with each.
  • Therma-Loc resin boosts performance in high heat which maintains head shape and stiffness.
  • Optional LOC-THROAT feature; insert LOC-THROAT for better head to handle attachment, leave out for light weight performance.
  • Meets all NFHS, NCAA, Lacrosse Canada, and World Lacrosse men’s field specifications.