Diadora Unisex Mago Hard Shell Shinguards

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Diadora Unisex Mago Hard Shell Shinguards Black White Grey 2XSDiadora has a proven track record in developing products for soccer. Diadora places its experience at the disposal of every player's needs, with soccer boots for all surfaces - hard, synthetic and indoor pitches - in addition to a large variety of soccer accessories, including studs, regulation balls and gloves, to provide your performance with the right support, all the time. Mago Hard Shell Shinguards constructed of PP shell with two color curve printing, EVA backer with a four color transfer sticker, fixed ankle sock without disc, one strap system. Sizing: XXS (5.5''), XS (6''), S (7''), M (8''), L (8.5''), XL/1X (9''). Material: Polypropylene, EVA.