Spri 3/4" Superband

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Our heavy-duty band, the SPRI® Superband, is takes resistance training to a whole new level. The band is primarily used for full body extensions. This band comes in 5 different resistances that are sure to enhance any users’ workout. These bands are 40" long and 3/16" thick with a color-coded widths ranging from 1/4" to 2 1/2". All bands include an exercise guide and is sold individually.

SPRI® Superband Features:

  • Designed for heavy-duty use
  • Work out muscles and provide resistance
  • Help prevent and rehabilitate sprained ankles
  • 40" long and 3/16" thick
  • Available in 5 color-coded widths
  • Downloadable exercise guide

40" long and 3/16" thick