Gamma Ocho TNT Tennis String Natural

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Improving on the popular TNT string, Gamma OCHO TNT is the top all around string for power, feel, and control. The second generation Thermal Nuclear Technology results in greater elasticity for more power and comfort from a solid core construction. OCHO TNT features an Elastilon 2 polymer central core for enhanced power and ball pocketing. The monofilament central core construction aids tension maintenance while the eight-sided outer wraps soften the feel for even greater comfort while maximizing spin. A great string for players seeking comfort, power, and spin without having to use a multifilament or polyester string.


Construction: Eight-Sided Solid Core String + outerwraps

Color: Natural

Gauge: 16 g / 1.30mm or 17 g / 1.25mm

Length: 40 ft (12.2m)


-Arm-Friendly and Spin Friendly

-8 sided