2022 Head Boom Team L

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Introducing the lightest and most forgiving model in the Boom family.  At under 10 ounces strung, the Boom Team L gives beginners and early intermediates the incalculable benefits of maneuverability. It also has a luxurious 107 square inch head, which ensures that comfort and performance remain high even when contact is less than perfect. Other features include an extended 27.4 inch length, resulting in extended reach on groundies and volleys along with easier power and net clearance on serve. Technologies include a Morph Beam, which combines a thinner box beam in the shaft (for control and feel) with a thicker, more angular cross-section in there head (for stability and power).  The Boom Team  Lalso packs a wider more responsive contact zone in the upper hoop, resulting in a more expansive sweetspot and larger spin-window. In addition to Graphene 360+ (which helps with power and stability), this racquet includes a uniquely flexible Auxetic construction in the yoke, a feature that optimizes ball feedback according to impact location. Ultimately, this is a great option for improving players who want easy power and arm-friendly comfort.  It's also a solid option for the savvy doubles player who a user-friendly serve and volley racquet .