Head S Speed Tennis Racquet

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Intermediate players looking for a maneuverable racquet with easy targeting should give Head's Graphene 360+ Speed S a serious look.  At 10.6 ounces strung, this racquet is faster and less demanding than the Speed MP. Factor in the thicker 25mm beam, and the result is a livelier and crisper Speed with the kind of "point and shoot" precision found in the Extreme series. For 2020, the Speed S gets updated with Graphene 360+, which combines the power and stability of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower hoop for better feel at impact. On groundstrokes, the Speed S moves through contact with remarkable ease to deliver a crisp and accurate hitting experience. Although it lacks that stability and mass-based power of the heavier Speeds (MP and Pro),  this racquet's light weight will help you attack the ball with vicious stroke speed, resulting in juicy levels of power and spin. The Speed S is also the perfect racquet for chasing down balls and cranking winners on the run. The quick handling continues at net where this stick moves very fast when the pressure is on.  It also performs well on service returns where it whips around quickly to deliver predictable results. Players looking to turn up the heat on serve will appreciate how powerfully this racquet moves through contact, and there is enough spin-potential for putting some nasty action on slices. Ultimately, with this update, Head has delivered a great option for the intermediate player who wants a fast, lively and accurate weapon.