Head Graphene 360 Speed Lite Tennis Racquet

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As the fastest member of the Speed family, the Head Graphene 360+ Speed Lite is the most user-friendly racquet in the Speed family. At under 10 ounces strung, this stick is ideal for beginners, early intermediates or any player who is trying to master basic stroke techniques. In addition to giving you the needed maneuverability to swing fast and generate pace, this racquet's precision will help you address the ball with confidence. For 2020, Head updates the Speed Lite with Graphene 360+, which combines the power and stability of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower hoop for better feel at impact. On groundstrokes, this racquet's ultra easy acceleration provides a very user-friendly hitting experience. Spin comes easy, and the reliable string bed response will enable you to swing faster when trying to overpower your opponent. The quick handling continues at net where this racquet moves faster than the Speed S and Speed MP Lite, making it easier for you to stay active and put the ball away. The Speed Lite also shines on serve where it whips very powerfully through impact to deliver easy placement. Ultimately, with its combination of maneuverability and controllable power, the Speed Lite is one of the best options for learning the game and rising to next level.