Martin Kilpatrick Lin Yun -Ju S-2

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  • Carbon power with maximum speed
  • PROFESSIONAL PING PONG PADDLE – The Nakama S-2 ping pong paddle has carbon and Flextra rubber for all around playing. Butterfly table tennis rackets are the preferred rackets by professionals.
  • FLEXTRA RUBBER - This Butterfly table tennis racket offers inverted red and black Flextra 1.9mm table tennis rubbers that has moderate speed and excellent control. It is great at preventing errors.
  • CARBON TABLE TENNIS RACKET – The carbon layers built into the wooden racket of this ping pong racket gives an enlarged sweet spot and increased power ping pong shots.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP – The handle has a flared design offering superior grip. The shakehand style racket with the pink and blue colored handle makes it a stylish table tennis paddle.
  • TOURNAMENT APPROVED – This ping pong racket is for those wanting to hit powerful shots and is International Table Tennis Federation - ITTF approved for tournaments.