Mizuno Little League Maple Wood Baseball Bat: MZM271 Youth

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Mizuno has developed a reputation for creating some of the most impeccable wood bats on the market. These bats were designed to perform at baseball's highest level of play, for players that strive to be the best. Mizuno's master craftsmen Isokazu Kubota, who has hand-crafted wooden bats for Mizuno for over 40 years, created this classic design. The hard maple wood used on this bat was hand selected for quality, and underwent Mizuno's exclusive microwave drying process to maximize consistency and performance. Mizuno's craftsmen utilize a proprietary, double-dipped grain sealant for superior strength and moisture control. This (MZM271 Youth) youth model provides incredible balance that allows young players to develop maximum swing speed and hit for maximum power. The bat also features a cupped end making it lighter for quicker and more powerful swings. Elite professional sluggers rely heavily on Mizuno wood bats for the ultimate in power, performance, and consistency. The only difference in this youth model and the professional models is the 2 1/4" barrel diameter which allows it to be approved for Little League play.