Nokona Leather Treatment

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Did you just buy a new glove and are looking for a conditioner to help with the break-in process? What about trying to clean or preserve the glove? It’s usually hard to find a solution that will do it all for you, but that’s because you haven’t been looking at Nokona’s Classic Leather Treatment! It’s been around for over 50 years and has been designed and used to break-in, condition, clean and preserve all glove leather. It’s the total package, and unlike most conditioner or oil, it won’t soak into the leather or padding and weight the glove down over time. Give your glove the chance at balling out for twice as long with the Nokona Classic Leather Treatment!

- Nokona Classic Leather Treatment

- Ideal for Breaking In, Cleaning, and Preserving

- Won’t Soak Into Padding