Women's Stringking Complete 2 Pro Midfield w/Tech Trad

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The Women’s Complete 2 Pro Midfield with Tech Trad gives midfielders a versatile pocket to control the ball up the field, pass, and score. The new Tech Trad mid-pocket, combined with a stiffer version of our Mark 2 Midfield head, gives players more power, control, and consistency. The pocket delivers all-weather performance and minimal maintenance throughout the season. With your choice of our Metal 3 Pro or Composite shaft, this is one of the market's highest-performance women’s lacrosse sticks.


The Mark 2 Midfield lacrosse head is both lightweight and stiff, perfectly balanced for optimal performance. It is the backbone for a pocket that gives players more power, control, and consistency.


Dominate the field with explosive force using the new Tech Trad pocket. Its unique design delivers faster shots and unrivaled control.


Experience dynamic control on the lacrosse field with the innovative Tech Trad pocket. Maximize ball retention and gain a game-changing advantage.


The Tech Trad women's lacrosse pocket conquers all climates. Weather-resistant materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure optimal performance in any condition.