Stringking Boys Starter Jr. Complete Stick

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The Boys’ Starter Junior youth lacrosse stick provides everything that new players need to learn the game, and more importantly, have fun. Legal up to 10U youth league play.


Youth lacrosse players are still learning their own bodies, let alone the ins and outs of lacrosse. Give your little laxer one less thing to think about with a Starter Junior - designed to help make the game as easy and fun as possible.


Nothing is more frustrating than when you can't figure out your equipment. The head, pocket, and shaft of the Starter Junior were designed to perform together seamlessly, so you can focus on the game. Consistency is King.


Lacrosse can be a big commitment - learning the game, buying equipment, practicing. Take something off the list with a Starter Junior. We'll worry about the stick, you focus on getting better and having fun.