Stringking Grizzly 1 Goalie Mesh

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Manufactured by: StringKing

Break in time: Minimal.

Hardness: 3 out of 10 (Assuming that Regular Hard Mesh is a 10 out of 10)

-P2™ Fibers Working closely with our manufacturers, we modified fibers traditionally used to reinforce race car tires. The result is our new P2™ fibers, .

-Pocket Focus™ TITE™ technology is a new patent pending manufacturing process used to create an even tighter mesh construction. This ultra tight construction enhances Pocket Focus™— a clawlike contact with the ball that creates superior ball control and a more accurate release

-True-Diamond™ Technology Every piece of mesh strings up & performs exactly the same regardless of conditions.

-Superior Performance & Consistency All weather performance with no wax so your pocket stays consistent and performs better throughout its lifetime.