StringKing Mark 2D Unstrung Lacrosse Head

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The Stringking Mark 2D lacrosse head was born out of the success of the original Mark series and specifically designed with close D poles in mind. The guys at Stringking are committed to designing every head with the maximum number of string holes (29) so that these heads can be dialed up perfectly for ground balls and clears. This head weighs only 147 grams so when you pair that with a Stringking 4S or 4X mesh, you have one of the lightest combos on the market. The Mark 2D has a slightly wider scoop and throat so that ground balls just get vacuumed up and settle right into a high pocket setup. What we really liked in the demo we strung up was the "hard" and "soft" clears we were able to deliver. If you want to zip that long pass or get some air under the ball, our custom 4s string job let you do just that. We love this head for the advanced high school and even the advanced youth crowd. We preferred the 4S mesh in this head for the handlingand clearing abilities.