STX Stallion Omega Lacrosse Head

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The STX Stallion Omega Lacrosse Head delivers new heights of engineering and advanced performance with STX’s new proprietary Omega polymer offering a freakishly impressive strength-to-weight. In a 5 week use test the Stallion Omega Head offers 100% stiffness retention whereas typical nylon heads only offer 10% stiffness retention. STX is created this groundbreaking new material with the Stallion Omega to eliminate the inconsistency and durability issues found with typical nylon heads. STX redesigned the Speed-Scoop for effortless ground balls on any surface and any angle. The Stallion Omega brings new Interlock technology and optimized stringing hole placement to the hands of stringers allowing for advanced stringing to the inside rail for a narrower channel and more hold. STX added updated Stallion rail geometry for added durability with the deepest legal offset possible increasing ball feel and retention.

-New proprietary Omega polymer delivers a new level of performance with enhanced strength-to-weight ratio.

-STX redesigned the Speed Scoop for easier groundball performance

-New Interlock technology along the newly optimized stringing hole placements allows for advanced stringing options

-Updated stallion rail geometry provides increased durability with deepest legal offset for increased ball feel and retention