STX Surgeon 700

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The STX Surgeon 700 head is one of the most versitle heads in the game right now used by all offensive players. The Surgeon 700 comes from a long line of collegiate level offensive minded technology that is specifically designed for those guys coming from X and getting it done on the wings and around the crease. This head weighs in as one of the lightest on the market and includes Endura-Form technology. This is the takeover from the legendary ACP technology that made these some of the stiffest and lightest heads on the market. Pick up the Surgeon 700 and you will immediately recognize the attention to detail with the same high class styling as their best selling Stallion 700. STX really stepped it up a notch with the 700 series heads.The Surgeon 700 head also comes with a throat plug to kill ball rattle and you will also notice that they slimmed down the throat higher up for better accuracy and control. Combine that with a new steeper scoop design that is designed for in-tight ground balls, STX has come up with a total winner here. This head is used by the elite level and high school players. This head comes with a throat plug and can only be used with hollow shafts.


The Stx Surgeon 700 is strung with Stringking 4x Mesh and strings.