STX Ultra Power Lacrosse Head

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The STX Ultra Power Lacrosse Head brings new patent pending sidewall profile to deliver consistently improved shot speed to the offensive player. The Ultra Power Head utilizes new Power Ramp geometry by STX to mimic the throwing capability of equipment used in the sport of Jai alai which allows players to throw a ball over 150 mph. This new technology gives the Ultra Power an unmatched edge on the field to deliver a more powerful and consistant shot speed. Aside from the improved shooting performance, STX also added a deep offset for added ball control that immediately felt as the ball sits in its sweet spot while cradling up and down the field. The Ultra Power Head also includes STX's full suite of performance technology for the complete package tailored to the elite offensive player. Made with EnduraForm technology players will notice enhanced durability in even the most extreme temperatures with its proprietary material composition. The Ultra Power Head includes Speed Scoop technology for the best ground ball performance in the game on any playing surface. STX's Channel Lock stringing system allows for stringers to develop advanced pockets for added control and a tailored fit to your game. 


The STX Ultra Power is strung with Stringking 3s mesh and strings.

- New Power Ramp technology gives the Ultra Power improved shot speed geometry to naturally propel the ball with more velocity. 

- A deeper offset brings unrivaled ball control and feel to the hands of offensive players. 

- EnduraForm technology uses advanced proprietary formulation for improved durability in extreme temperatures.

- Added Speed Scoop design enhances groundball play on any playing surface.

- Channel Lock stringing system creates endless possibilities for advanced pockets with added control and performance.