Turtle Fur Comfort Lush Pipe Dream Neck Warmer

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Comfort Lush™ fleece lets you forget all about phrases like "20-degree wind chill" and "Polar Vortex."

Ultra-soft goodness awaits when you slip on the Comfort Lush™ Pipe Dream™ and venture out into the cold. Featuring a heavyweight, high-pile fleece that feels great and insulates well against frigid temps, it's everything you need for those days when you want to keep the outside air as far away from you as possible. Meanwhile, the easy stretch and versatile length of the Pipe Dream™ design provide versatile comfort for all kinds of activities. It wears just as well around your neck as it does on your face, and it feels great no matter what. Plus, the recycled construction helps you feel as good about your purchase as you do while wearing it. Which is pretty dang good.