US Divers Junior Dorado II Age 6+ Mask/Snorkel Package

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US Divers is the original snorkeling brand. Whether you are traveling the world, discovering your local beaches, or playing in the backyard pool with your kids, U.S. Divers makes products for all of your water adventures. US Divers builds trusted, reliable, and affordable products so you can create memories. Explorers Wanted! US Divers designs and manufactures a complete range of snorkeling products for casual and avid snorkelers alike. Select which gear is right for you with their collection.

The US Divers Dorado 2 PC mask, has dual shatter-resistant polycarbonate (PC) lenses that provides durability and clear vision. Anti-fog treated for ultra-clear sight. Large easy to reach nose pocket allows one handed ear equalization even when wearing gloves. This double feathered edge skirt mask has an easy adjust, 3-way buckle system and a wide split strap design which combines with the skirt for a perfect seal on the face.

The Sea Breeze Snorkel is equipped with a splash guard top designed to prevent splashed surface water from entering the snorkel's barrel for easy breathing at the surface. The snorkels ergonomically shaped mouthpiece and contoured tube both for great comfort and proper fit will keep you in the water for hours of snorkeling fun. If any water enters the snorkel barrel, it is easily expelled through the one-way purge valve at the snorkel's mouthpiece section. Snorkel is equipped with an easy-to-use snorkel keeper for attachment to the mask. Snorkel package is available in multiple colors.