2023 Viking O-Zone Pro Valknut Paddle

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The O-Zone Pro has long been a favorite among tournament and league players. Weighing in at 375g, the new O-Zone Pro is still designed as a control paddle for players with a high swing speed. The mid+ codre density provides an excellent balance between power and control while the smaller headsize offers enhanced all around maneuverability. A standout feature on all O-Zone models is the longer handle which provides a better grip on the two-handed backhand.

Weight:  13.2 oz. / 375 grams
Core Density:  Mid+ (Viking's firmest)
Length:  18 inch
Beam:  19 mm
Head Surface Size: 82 square inches
Grip Size: 4-1/4 inch
Color: black / purple
Replaces:  O-Zone Pro Gradient