Warrior Burn FaceOff

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The Warrior Burn FO lacrosse head is backed by Trevor Baptiste and he claims it is the best faceoff head he has ever used. In case you don't know who Trevor is, he attended the University of Denver, where he set the NCAA Division I season record for face-off wins by a freshman. Our Pro's can't get enough of the newly enhanced flat scoop on this face-off head that allows for easy ground balls. The Burn FO was designed asymmetrically to provide balance between flex, strength and recovery. Left side designed for flex and strength,while the right is built to provide strength and recovery. This head was designed too accommodate the most popular face-off techniques. Flexible left sidewall lets you gain position and control 50/50 battle. New shorter throat allows you to gain leverage faster after the whistle. This lacrosse is a game changer for FOGO's everywhere. This product does not include the wedge.


The Warrior Burn FO Is strung with Stringking 3s mesh and strings.